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The best implementation of our plans and products is the proper continuation of them. This is why we routinely visit the sites of our clients to test, evaluate, and analyze current strategies, taking into account new factors that might become part of the environment.

We modify strategies based on our analysis to maximize the effectiveness of our technology and overall safety in the workplace. This gives businesses the opportunity to improve their cleanliness rating and continuously recertify as a cleaner, safer workplace. 

1. Testing & Metrics Review

Our sanitation experts will visit your site to review all sanitation practices and conduct a new round of air and surface quality tests. Data points will be analyzed and compared with results from previous audits to confirm that safe levels are met and microbe levels are reduced. Audits are typically conducted on a quarterly-basis, but can be customized to fit the needs of your business.

2. Certify

If air and surface quality standards are not met, our team will make recommendations on what can be improved to create the safest possible work environment. Once your organization is able to fulfill these recommendations, you will receive a Certification of Safety & Cleanliness from our Board of Doctors and Researchers, led by Dr. Richard Sibthorpe. Our Board Members have a long history in the medical field, specifically in sanitation products and techniques. Their expertise allows for a credible and accurate analysis of your organization’s cleanliness levels, which is then translated into a point system out of 500. Our assessments are on-going, giving organizations the opportunity to increase their cleanliness rating and constantly re-certify as a cleaner, safer workplace.

Customers are thrilled with the results we achieved.

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