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During a public health crisis, an informed audience is equally as important as the tools used to keep them safe. Our goal is to not only give organizations the right tools, but provide customers and employees with the right information.

Our service makes important information regarding Covid-19 and your organization’s safety measures easily accessible through several different outlets. We highlight not just what you are doing to keep people safe, but how you are doing it and why it is effective. This knowledge gives individuals a greater sense of understanding and safety, boosting consumer confidence and retention. 

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Educational Material at Your Fingertips

We provide all the material, then we promote all you’ve done.

Local & National

We work hand-in-hand with various media outlets to educate the public on the extra steps, precautions, and innovative methods your organization is using to protect consumers.
Case Study

Audits Available Online

Our testing methods track before, after, and ongoing results. We analyze the results to constantly improve the cleanliness of your space and publicize them to make others aware of the safety measures your organization has taken.
Digital MAterial

Streamlined Information

Our database of literature, testing, case studies, and research provides you with plenty of material to showcase your progress through your website, email, social media, and QR codes on every sanitation device. 

Audits Available Online

Our audits ensure that cleanliness standards are consistently met and improved upon. All data is compiled and made available online so that progress is tracked and showcased for every certified organization. 
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Become a Case Study

Clients that want even more in-depth reports to share with their customer/employee base can have a Sani Technology case study built around their organization, which contains a comprehensive breakdown of company background, statistics, safety measures, results, and more. 

Keeping Holy Spaces Safe

Our Lady of Sorrows is a Roman Catholic Church and a designated landmark in the City of Santa Barbara, serving Santa Barbara’s Catholic community for over 235 years. The church provides a sacred space for individuals to worship, serve, learn, and celebrate the traditions of Catholicism.
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Audit List

Look through the list of organizations that have been audited and certified with Sani Technology to get a better sense of sanitation standards and practices.


Case Studies

Discover the journeys of organizations similar to yours and see how they have benefitted from the implementation of medical-grade sanitation technology.


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