Reducing the Risk of Viral Outbreaks

Pathogens live around us in virtually every environment. Within indoor spaces, these harmful particles grow and spread at an even higher rate and have a drastic impact on our health. Covid-19 has proven how detrimental the effects of a viral outbreak can be, making proper sanitation tools and techniques an absolute necessity in our work environments. We’ve brought forth cutting-edge, virus-killing technology and practices to ensure our clients’ safety and well-being.

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Is Your Organization Safe?

If not, use our UV-C sanitization technology

The answer is difficult to determine without the proper testing. Viruses live on surfaces and within the air on a microbial level, and improper sanitation practices can lead to government fines (OSHA), foster the growth of viruses, and lead to potential outbreaks. Our solution for organizations is simple: conduct accurate testing, supply effective sanitation tools, and spread reliable information. 

We use laser particle counters and bacteria swabs to test air and surface quality, provide advanced sanitation systems that use UV-C technology, and educate consumers and employees on the cleanliness of their environment. The proactive and preventative sanitation measures we offer will help organizations like yours stay open, keep individuals safe, and improve consumer confidence.
Evaluate, test, and assess the safety and cleanliness of your workplace on a microbial level 

Implement a customized plan and strategic placement of our UV-C technology to effectively decontaminate and sanitize your environment
Educate your consumers, donors, and employees on the innovative sanitation practices you’ve implemented
Certify your organization with routine site visits to test, analyze, and constantly improve your sanitation strategies

Get Evaluated and Certify Your Organization

Sani Technology evaluates and rates your business according to the current sanitation techniques used within your workplace. If standards are not met, we will make recommendations in passive sanitation products to propel your business above and beyond the minimum requirements. 
Certify Your Organization

A Full-Service Operation

We administer in-person evaluations, where we take air and surface quality measurements, review your sanitation cycles, and identify dangerous high-touch locations.
A Sanitation Specialist will determine your risk profile and potential areas of concern. We will highlight areas that may open you up to potential government fines and health concerns that put employees and consumers in harm's way.
We personally deliver and install all sanitation devices (UV-C disinfection, antimicrobial tape, etc) to ensure seamless and proper implementation of our technology.
Detailed information regarding our technology, processes, audits, and more are easily accessible to anyone via QR codes, website postings, and email communication.
Organizations using Sani Technology receive a Certification of Safety & Cleanliness authorized by our Board of Doctors and Researchers, led by Dr. Richard Sibthorpe.
Our services cover all maintenance during recurring site visits that are tailored to the needs of your business.
"As a regular member at my co-working space it makes me feel safe to know that the air is being circulated through UV devices 24/7!"
John Eidel, Business Consultant
“I was so happy to have found Optic.  Conversions are up 120% and our editorial content has never looked better.”
Cassy Hodge, developer
“Making the switch to Optic was definitely the right move, our website has never looked better.  Where have you been my whole life? Thanks Optic!”
hank simpson, developer

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